One of the Rarest 1969 Ford Mustangs Boss Race Car  Of all vintage Mustangs produced, a 1969 mustang boss is certainly a quintessential variation. In fact, for most people who have a less than fervent interest in classic Mustangs, a 1969 mustang boss is often the first type to come to mind when asked what sort of early Mustang he or she would like to own. But  one look at the car shown here along with its list of attributes makes it easy to see why this is possibly the most unique 1969 you will ever see. A number of factors make this so and we’ll start with the most obvious of all that it’s a boss that race in trans am serie and break it down from there. A beautifully preserve race car  is a timeless piece in its own right. Add to that this car being store and forget in a garage from 1979. From there, factor in our favorite part of the car: it’s equipped with a boss 302 engine with a rare Bud Moore intake, a four-speed close ratio trans, and the requisite 3.50:1-geared 9-inch rearend disc brake  and front 11 inch brake, camber suspension,torsion bar stabilaser bar have 26 litre oil reserve,race history car that win severial time in the CASC serie in canada with driver Roger Briere 1969-1972 from race team Ford Gerard Grenier auto in Quebec ,Canada

Montreal, Quebec, Canada