I purchased a ’95 Diablo back in 2008 with a check engine light. The previous owner had spend approximately 50K between a couple different dealers to resolve the issue but it never got resolved, thankfully the car ran good and the gauges worked well so it wasn’t as much of concern to me. I did however take the car in for the same thing with no resolution. I wanted to really drive the car a lot but didn’t realize putting on mileage meant a great deal of depreciation, living 50 miles from town didn’t help either. To top it off I found out that some parts for these cars were becoming unavailable and inflation was rising quickly. I along with many other people have had such great passion for Lamborghini’s especially the Countach and Diablo…such iconic vehicles. I was in a crossroad on how I can drive the car and not worry about some of these issues. I suppose if I were just a collector it wouldn’t be so bad but I desired to drive and share this piece of art with others. Finally, I had a chance to change things around. I won’t go into detail as to why I chose this rout but maybe you’ll get an idea. I sold the Diablo and purchased another ’95 Diablo that suffered a engine fire, the rear panels had already been replaced with fiberglass, all pieces bolt together like original. The car had no drive train and only a few interior pieces but the frame was in excellent shape and still had the original Brembo brakes. After considering power train options the best to suit the job was a Corvette LS3 with a Porsche 911 (G50) transaxle.  This was the only package that would allow the axles to pass through the small section of the frame opening without being altered. I wanted to minimize cutting on the frame a lot to keep rigidity. The motor was purchased through Don Hardy Race Cars and the transaxle through Renegade Hybrids, the motor has a mid grade came and the trans was upgraded to a billet side shifter with cable shifting, billet end plate, taller 5th gear and limited slip…not cheap. One thing for sure is the car needed to match or exceed factory power ratings. The radiator fans are custom built aluminum with spal fans to fit the factory locations and mounts. All wiring in the rear is new using 14 gauge and heat shrunk. The rest of the wiring from the cab forward is pretty much original using the original fuse panel etc. It took me a long time collecting all the interior panels some new and used, the important thing to me is that it had to be mostly original. I wanted to give it some update so I chose some alcanara and leather mix with orange stitching, all of which contains high grade materials so it would last. During the upholstery I wanted a couple amenities so two cup holders went in along with heaters in the seats. The sound system had to be audiophile grade as well so I chose the Pioneer 80prs cd player, Hertz Milli 6.5 inch separates, 2 JL 10 inch subs (TW3) and Audison Voce 5.1K amp the systems crossover runs full active and sounds great.

Price: Auction

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Location: Moapa, Nevada, United States