In 1996, the Dodge Viper got a nice upgrade that brought in the 2nd generation RT/10, and the first generation of the GTS later in the year. The 2nd generation RT/10 received a power increase from 400hp to 415hp while the GTS started out with a commanding 450hp and 490 lb-ft of torque. The GTS was dubbed a “double-bubble” due to the design of its roof taken after the top of the head of a Viper. Featured, is a one-of-a-kind 1997 Dodge Viper GTS. Listed at $62,000, this Dodge Viper is a one of a kind from the rest of the 1996-2002 due to its modifications. It has been set up with a gorgeous new Hennessey body kit. The car has a clean title and drives perfectly straight and is mechanically sound, with only 34,200 miles. This V10 monster is very tame at low RPM’s and is a very easy to drive car. The gears are easy to find, shifting throughout is very fluid, and clutch is forgiving. However, the Viper is ready to bite when you are, with the commanding torque from the supercharger. A dodge mechanic says this is the best handling Viper he has ever driven. Most Vipers are known to be very sloppy, squirrelly and difficult to control. With the handling upgrades in this Viper, you will realize what separates it from the rest. The car comes with a chip for 91 octane, 93 octane, and 93 octane with methanol injection, all of which are customizable. The lowest tune is dyoned at 578whp and the highest tune approximately over 700whp with 93-octane and methanol injection; however the highest tune has never been dynoed. It also comes with two extra keyless entry fobs and computer to accept them. All listed modifications, in car computer mount and computer to monitor the car, and customize the tunable chips come with the car.  This particular Viper has been upgraded with the following parts: ·       ROE Racing Black Anodized Supercharger System ·       ROE Racing Water/Methanol Injection Kit ·       VEC II Program Chip ·       Team Tech 5 Point Racing Harness (removable) ·       Hennessey VenomAero Front Bumper, Front Splitter, Daytona Rear Spoiler, Rear Fascia ·       Kinesis K-59 Forged 3-piece wheels (6X114.3 bolt pattern) ·       New Michelin Pilot SuperSport tires in the front (275/35 ZR18) ·       Michelin Pilot Sport tires in the rear (335/30 ZR19) ·       Custom Magnaflow Exhaust System ·       Koni Yellow Shocks ·       Eibach Springs ·       Brand new clutch and Flywheel ·       RAM in car computer mount ·       Trickle charger

Prescott, Arizona, United States