8 speed transmission, that can be changed from: Touring, Sport, or Track modes, that changes the transmission shift patterns, way cool. and Sirius XM Radio already there.

Stereo System: Studio Quality with bass that actually expands the interior door panels

It is actually the Sickest color combination that Chevrolet has built. (I guess thats a matter of opinion, but almost every one of these C8’s are Black, white, red or light blue. The white, black and red are most common, (they are everywhere which makes them not so cool) and the light blue makes this Sick car look cheap.

This Car was Special ordered with this Color Combo and not another one like it anywhere:

Dark Gray Exterior with Black Sport Trim, no chrome on the car, Black wheels, Carbon fiber side vents, front and rear grille accents with Tuxedo interior.

All of these new C8’s are cool, but This particular color combo screams money, Luxury and just Sexier than the others. Its just plain Hot.

If you want a chic magnet, or if you want to buy it for your lady, this is the one, Look no farther. Yes, its a little more money than some of them out there, but its totally off the chart. Its in a Sexy class of its own.

Everyone has a color that they like best, but this one is the Sexiest Vette ever.

Removable Top, and when you take it off, it can be stored in the trunk with lock downs.

This is a 2021 Stingray, most of them currently for sale are 2020 (personally, I dont want the first run of any car, they are still perfecting it the first year)

Apple Car Play is so cool…..Hands free calls and texting
Yes it has 215 miles, which is actually a good thing, I like buying something that has been driven a few hundred miles to make sure it doesn’t have any kinks.
Yes, full warranty. We also bought the extra $3,000 scratch and dent option.
This means if you get a nick, scratch or dent the size of a CC or smaller, it will be fixed for free. (note: this option is only for the first three years, not the life of the car) it also includes the wheels and tires, in case your girlfriend curbs it, no problem, its covered. This feature takes the pain out of you trying to be worried about a little scratch, because its covered.
These cars are almost full blown Race Cars, I mean crazy quick, and so easy to drive. I drove it and fell in Love, so if you dont want to buy a C8, don’t drive one, cause you will be hooked after driving it 2 minutes.
I personally have never been a Vette man. Never like the older square models, and then from the 70s and up, the front ends were just too long, and so difficult to get in and out of.

These new C8’s are like Lambo’s, except they are 1/4th of the price. Not to mention, this is a Chevrolet product, mass produced so they have it dialed in really good. Alot of the High priced Super-cars need worked on too often, because they truly are Race Cars. This Vette is a Fun Fast Car that you can drive every day and not have to work on it.

Why spend $400,000 on a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus, or McLaren, when you can get this beauty and a nice house for the same price. Not to mention that you won’t have to work on this one. Am I saying that it is actually one of those cars, absolutely not, but I am saying, its a super fun car for a 1/4th of the price tag

It is just as much, or more fun to drive than any car out there. It really is awesome that you can buy this kind of car with this power and exotic look for this small price tag compared to the other supercars.

Price: $121,000

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