This car was constructed by Tempero and features an all aluminum body replicating an early “short nose” D-Type. It is based on and is registered as a 1965 Jaguar. The engine is a 4.2 liter XK powerplant, fitted with triple Weber 45mm carburetors. Under the skin, the car has Jaguar independent rear suspension, which appears to have been sourced from an E-Type. The car makes a strong cosmetic impression, with an authentic appearance and high quality workmanship throughout. The body is straight and displays excellent fit, and the paintwork was performed to high standards, with minor wear in the form of light scratches, a few surface cracks, and some chips where the hood meets the center section of the tub. The Dunlop alloy wheels look authentic and are in fine shape. One of the leather hood straps has been replaced and looks newer than the other. The lights and glazing are in very good shape, other than an area of clouding to the Perspex windscreen. A hard removable cover is over the passenger area so that the car can fit two occupants. The interior has a more authentic appearance than most D-Type replicas thanks to its correct appearing three-spoke steering wheel and Smiths gauges which were not simply pulled from an E-Type. The steering wheel has a few cracks in the wood rim. The leather is excellent throughout. The interior is otherwise spare and tidy, in keeping with the competition purpose of the original D-Type. A telescoping steering column is fitted, although there is some free play in the shaft which should be corrected with an additional bracket. The engine compartment shows a high level of workmanship and the engine is extremely impressive thanks to its triple Webers and large alloy tank tanks. The engine compartment is attractive and very clean, though not detailed to show standards. Instead, its presentation is consistent with that of a very nice driver, like the rest of the car. The charging system is via alternator.

Ontario, California, United States