We are offering an exceptional 1970 E-Type Jaguar convertible, production date 1/1970 VIN #1R12227. It is a matching number car with 81,650 miles. I was told it has approximately 5,000 miles on the restoration. Jaguar E-types were advanced and well-engineered cars when they were introduced in 1961, and the Series II E-type included major improvements in cooling system, brakes and transmission. This Jaguar is finished in what I consider the best color for an E-Type, a stunning Regency Red. It is the original color for this car. I purchased this Jaguar from an estate where it was a loved long term member of the family. After driving this car from Portland to Eugene, and after 120 miles it performed perfectly. It was such a joy to drive that I wanted to keep going even though it was top up and raining. Every car, especially English built ones, have a personality depending how each of its individual components work together. This particular car has a near perfect blend of engine power, smoothness, suspension and brake function. The car has an added benefit with the conversion to the earlier E-Type triple SU 2 inch carburetors, which has made the engine perform with exceptional torque and power all the way to redline. Even the gearbox is very smooth and quiet in operation. This car was obviously been restored and well maintained throughout its life. I have driven many Jaguar convertibles over the years and this one has all the attributes of a great car. Its engine has been rebuilt, so it is quiet and has excellent oil pressure even after my 100 plus mile drive. The car has been refinished completely in the original color. The repaint is a high quality, bare metal job that included full disassembly and a refinish of the front subframes, firewall, all jambs, plus the underside of the bonnet. Suspension has been rebuilt. The car shows no sign of any major damage or rust. Even though the repaint is more than ten years old, it was so well done that it remains excellent with nice depth and shine, showing only a handful of minor door dings that hint it is not freshly done. The chrome is very nice. The black interior and leather seats are clean and fresh looking, and could be described as excellent. The top fits well and is same quality as the rest of the soft parts. Includes a top boot to finish the car when the top is down. All gauges work as they should, with only the original battery operated clock inoperative. Overall this is one head turning car that is easy and entertaining to drive. Jaguars are a major step up from an Austin Healey and a great alternative to a vintage Porsche or Corvette. This is a stunning looking and driving car. Finding a well done E-Type of any vintage is getting difficult, this is an opportunity to get a nice one before they join the Series I E-types at unaffordable prices.

Eugene, Oregon, United States